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Time to play - only After a pleasant and relaxing bath in the tub with a glass of wine, I lay in bed with my towel still around me. My mind starts to wander and think about how good it feels to explore your hands and lips of my body. I open my towel and play with my nipples tiavas until they are hard and erect. I think you kiss my breasts and then sucking and licking my nipples. As you know, they always react to the touch. My breathing is changed slightly as he awoke. I can move a hand on my body, while the other still blows the chest. I part my legs and my finger, it feels very warm and humid. I slowly finger me, pretending that I discovered the finger and wet tight pussy. Now I'm breathing heavy and feeling very excited. My body has become very sensitive to touch, the way I like. I'm starting to annoy my clitoris, and responds very quickly. My excitement increased, and my mouth hasI have swollen with desire. Now is the time to put my new toy test. The vibrator is placed on the side of my clitoris and then move it, teasing me. A warm feeling starts, between the legs open and I'm starting to pant and moan softly. The feeling is so good. Begin to mount your bell end rubbing my pussy and slowly pushed into my tight pussy. I put two fingers in me, and then push hard, I said tiavas fuck me. The juices are now my fingers. I part my lips and put the vibrator directly on my clitoris. The sensations are incredible, and I moaned in ecstasy. I'm starting to think about sitting on your face and lick all my juices. I'm always so close to cumming I want everyone right now is your cock inside me. The need is tiavas so tiavas great that sends me over the edge, it has built my orgasm and I feel a wave of pure joy came over me. My pussy starts to contract out of controland juices are seeping out of me, without stopping. The tiavas feeling is indescribable. The intensity of my orgasms has been extended to me between the legs to my stomach. Between my legs is soaked and I'm licking forward to being here, everything. My clitoris is very sensitive to touch, so I finger slowly, enjoying the feel of my fingers in and out, especially because I am very wet. Start slowly and has not recovered from my orgasm and pleasure are.
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